Luminary Astrology – Coming into Being

Welcome to Luminary Astrology:  Astrology by Sarah Murphy. Luminary Astrology was conceived through my year of formal study under Astrologer, Austin Coppock. Previously working my astrology under the moniker “The Bruja Mix” since 2015, it felt like time for change. “The Bruja Mix,” has been a wonderful place to indulge and play with my musings, however I felt it was time to expand. “The Bruja Mix” was born out of a place of secrecy and private musings, hidden behind the cloak of a different language, it is time to create something that was more clearly Astrological. 

Luminary Astrology was born and committed to with the Sun in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, a creation to be seen and to be enjoyed. Sent out to the World, with the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius as Venus conjoins Jupiter in the same sign, while the Moon conjoins the Fixed Star Spica. With Venus and Jupiter conjunct on the Ascendant. Welcome to Luminary Astrology.


Sarah Murphy is a Melbourne based Astrologer, who works with both Traditional and Modern styles of Astrology. 

Sarah’s focus is to create, through traditional techniques, a more nuanced lens for self-discovery and development.  Through the study of cycles and contacts between planets and their aspects, we are able to analyse, potentials for growth, change and opportunity. Astrology enables self-discovery and provides nurture for ourselves and our needs in a fruitful and complementary way, in keeping with the world around us. Astrology provides the gate way to fully understand and integrate untapped talent, opportunity, as well as reflecting certain personality quirks, styles or convictions. 

Sarah is the Monthly Astrologer for “Get It” Magazine in Queensland, as well as self- published via, her blogs and websites, Luminary Astrology and The Bruja Mix.

Currently training under Astrologer, Austin Coppock, in his Fundamentals of Astrology, she has also completed workshops with Stephen Forrest on understanding the Nodes and Aspects to them and Lee Lehman “Achieving Astrological Mastery” in Melbourne.

For more information on services or offerings, feel free to contact Sarah directly, through these sites.