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The signature astrological aspect of 2021 is the Saturn / Uranus Square, which aspects three times, over the next 12 months.  These squares (more challenging aspects) are the base notes which weaving through 2021 astrologically speaking. It’s first exact square occurs 17/18thFebruary.

Saturn is currently in Aquarius, its domicile or home sign, where is will stay until March 2023. Saturn can be seen as conservatism, tradition, restraint, restriction, stripping back, structure, establishment, governance and control. In Aquarius, Saturn is less tyrannical and autocratic than when it transited its other ruling sign of Capricorn. Aquarius is a humanistic sign with more focus on equality for the collective, people or society as whole. Saturn in Aquarius is more about making rules and structures that benefit people as a whole, whereas Saturn in Capricorn, was more about one person imposing their will on to others.

Uranus on the other hand is in Taurus, this combo isn’t as comfortable or isn’t as naturally aligned as Saturn is in Aquarius. Uranus is often referred to as ‘The Great Awakener’ in Astrology, as Richard Tarnas describes, Uranus as the great disrupter or the Promethean influence in our cultural landscape. 

Prometheus gave the fire of the gods, to us mortals on earth and pays a heavy toll for this sacred gift to man. Uranus represents, independence, revolution, change, invention, awakening, rebellion, individuation and autonomy. In the fixed Earth sign of Taurus, Uranus has a more challenging time gaining momentum as well as putting its influence into Taurean topics i.e.: food resources, personal values, money, beauty etc.

When Saturn and Uranus aspect each other, they are unique bedfellows which manifest in surprising ways, thanks to the Uranian influence. Fast moving innovations occur to things that are often seen as established or unlikely to change. This current Saturn/Uranus cycle began in 1988 and its effects can be seen with the breaking up of the USSR and the ending of the Cold War. Local revolutions occurred around Eastern European seeing independence and autonomy for countries who were governed by a centralised power. Within 18 months of the Saturn Uranus conjunction of 1988, the Berlin Wall was being torn down. Revolt against establishment, is very much a Saturn / Uranus thing

We have had our first taste of this upcoming square April to May 2020. Although they didn’t make the exact square, we did see the waves and stirrings of these two planets. Europe and China in-particular were in the midst of covid lockdowns, the government’s forced restrictions (Saturn) limiting its citizens liberty’s and freedoms (Uranus). North America saw mass protests and the awakening of its black lives matter movement. Revolting against the institutions racism and in-equality within its systems. Currently we have the Farmers protests in India, Russia’s recent mass protests in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, where they ran out of jail space to hold protesters; as well as China’s increasing controls over Hong Kong’s citizens. The latest twist/example of this upcoming square can be seen with the reddit rebellion of the hedge funders and the Game Stop stock surge. It’s VERY Uranus in Taurus (Taurus doesrepresent money and wealth). As of writing this, the Game Stop situation is heading to a federal court (Saturn). Watch this space. 

These Uranian themes of protest and resistance kept its momentum as these two planets separated, and now we find ourselves with these two powerful planets coming into aspect again. They are about to make their first degree based square, which begins the last phase of the 1988 cycle. Many of the previously mentioned protests are still active with much support and traction. 

Like all transits, there is a macro and micro affect, what occurs externally on a mundane level, may not impact you directly, but the echoes of its sentiment and directives will be either occurring to you or within you. These occur in the aspects of your life, that Aquarius and Taurus are placed within your birth-chart. Remembering that challenges doesn’t mean not being successful. Challenges are to be overcome, and Uranus has been known to deliver surprise gifts, to help its cause. 

How does this manifest in your personal life? Look to where Saturn is seeking greater control or structure in the Aquarian area of your chart. Also look to where Uranus might challenge or encourage greater individuation or autonomy in your life, as a start point in understanding how this might affect you specifically. Ask yourself; Where might this ‘Great Awakener’ stir and enliven you? and How might Saturn help by creating boundaries or support structures to allow you to reach for what is being awakened within you?Are you ready to support any opportunities offered at this time?

This begins the final part of the current Saturn Uranus cycle, started in 1988. What it’s wanting to deliver to us become more apparent. Things may become more active or volatile, within or around us or opportunities that offer more autonomy and independence could also arise.

Their square aspect is exact 17/18 February and will have two other exact hits of 15/16 June and 24/25 December 2021. These three conjunctions start the waning cycle, before the next conjunction occurs, evolving this Saturn Uranus relationship with a new cycle, at 27 degrees of Gemini in June 2032. 

Below is a sign by sign breakdown as to where this is occurring in your chart. Areas of life that the Saturn Uranus square lives, from the sun sign setting. 

Please use your rising sign if you know it.

Aries / Aries Rising:  Revolutions in Money, Possessions and Self Worth with challenges or restructuring of your established community and networks.

Taurus / Taurus Rising: Individuation of yourself and how you are seen with challenges from your career, reputation and rewards sector.

Gemini / Gemini Rising: Awakenings in your soul and spirit sector may face challenges from your traditional and learnt belief sector. 

Cancer / Cancer Rising: Revolutionizing your community and social networks allows for restructuring of your external resources and financial sector. 

Leo / Leo Rising: Awakenings in your career, reputation, awards sector with support or challenges from your nearest and dearest.

Virgo / Virgo Rising:  Individuation of your beliefs from traditional teachings may challenge the structures or routines of your daily life.

Libra / Libra Rising: Revolutionising how you use or engage your shared recourses can help remove challenges with restructuring your creativity or relationship with children.

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising: Awakened connect to your home, family or ancestors helps solidify any challenging close relationships with others.

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising: Revolutionising your daily routines allows strong restructuring of your schedule or solidifying your relationship to your local neighbourhood.

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising:  Individuation of your true loves and hobbies can help intersects with your earned income. 

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising:  Awakenings in the home and family sphere solidify your identity showing your strengths and dependability.

Pisces / Pisces Rising:  Awakening your daily rituals and exploring alternative areas of your neighbourhood helps solidifies or challenges your connection to the subconscious and your relationship to isolation and retreat.


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FRI 12th FEB @ 6:16am AEDT 

23 ° Aquarius 

The New Moon in Aquarius will be one unlike any other, thanks to 6 of the 7 inner planets being in Aquarius at this lunation, creating a huge Aquarian stellium or line-up. This is rare and last occurred 59 years ago; feeding an extraordinary amount of planetary energy into the Aquarian sector of your chart/life. 

Aquarius, the water bearer is the provider and the support system, which is always working towards a point of wholeness or completion.  It is perhaps at this new moon; we can look to the Aquarian aspects of our lives with the intent to bring more support and structure into what we strive to complete or bring wholeness around these topics of life.  

Aquarian’s are individual within the collective, they hold their individuality and uniqueness, within the space of others; they are able to be themselves, whilst assisting others to help create community, it might just not be in the most traditional of ways. This new moon creates strong opportunity to workshop new pathways to evolve and sets up a deep incubation phase, of the Aquarian qualities of above and bringing them to life.

Venus and Jupiter conjoin at 12 °at this new moon, helping to harmonise the blending of big visions, optimism, new lessons and teachings, combined with attractive connection to those who you really vibe with. Jupiter fresh from his cazimi, helps to energize Venus, as she finishes her current cycle. Having the two benefic’s in-aspect at this lunation is a good thing, bringing in a more positive and optimistic flavour.

Mercury, still currently retrograde in Aquarius offers the benefit of reflection and insights. It’s only through looking back or re-looking at ourselves; we are able to know more clearly what we do or don’t seek. It also helps us see how we have progressed. Mercury still traveling through these back-water roads, offers introspection and reflection, as the Moon itself is at its darkest, helping to deepen the unseen or seeding of the experience.  

Finally, Saturn, the ruler of this lunation will be what remains after all these planets leave Aquarius and will hold to account; asking that you keep the contracts that you make at this time. Saturn will be making sure you keep promises or contracts, once all the benefits are optimism is gone. This will be key to your success. Saturn prefers a more striped back and simple plan, one that can be stuck to!  The good news is that Saturn works well in Aquarius, so it is creating a supportive and strong foundational base for these new explorations and developments.


please read your rising sign if you know what your rising sign is.

Aries / Aries Rising:  Groups, Networks, Collectives, Social Groups, Hopes and Wishes

Taurus / Taurus Rising:  Career, Reputation, Awards, Recognition.

Gemini / Gemini Rising: Higher knowledge, Media, Communication, Overseas Travel, Philosophy

Cancer / Cancer Rising: External Resources, Things you use from Others, Hidden Emotions or Connections, Other Peoples Money.

Leo / Leo Rising: Close Relationships with others, regardless of setting, Partnership

Virgo / Virgo Rising: Health, Work, Wellbeing, Problem Solving the Day to Day grind of Life.

Libra / Libra Rising: Children, True Love, Flirts, Creativity 

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising: Home, House, Dwelling, Ancestors, Hidden Secrets, Lineage

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising: Siblings, Local Neighbourhood, Education, Communications

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising: Money, Possessions and Values

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising: You, Your Identity, Physical Body and How you embody yourself.

Pisces / Pisces Rising: Your Subconscious, Retreat, Isolation, Overseas connections, Spirituality.


February has the unique situation of being a month where a super stellium of planets all transit Aquarius; pulling focus, emphasising the Aquarian elements of your chart . The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and for a short time La Luna all transit Aquarius. The peculiarity of this? Saturn, is only in Aquarius, every 27 years, Jupiter only transits every 12 years. Mercury’s Retrograde of Aquarius, give this stellium extra length and an interesting flavour, allowing for great depth for revision of the Aquarian elements of your chart.

A sign by sign breakdown of Mercury’s Retrograde can also be found on the link above. Not since 1962 has there been this much planetary focus or energy in Aquarius, meaning this area of life is firmly on the agenda this February. If you have planets in Aquarius, or Aquarius is in an important sector of your chart, the pull is stronger, and yes, so is great opportunity, thanks to Venus and Jupiter conjoining at the New Moon 12th February.

Monthly highlights below xx enjoy.


February provides an unusually large emphasis on your community and social networks, providing great opportunity to connect and engage with these groups. Mercury’s retrograde within this context may bring old groups or networks back into the frame, adding to the uniqueness of this time period. The full moon, late month offers breakthrough’s with finances or helps establish more confidence and self-worth.


February offers an abnormally large focus on your career and reputation sector. Not since 1962, has there been this much planetary influence in this sector. Be open to opportunity or new information as it presents; in potentially indirect ways thanks to the Mercury Retrograde. The 27 February full moon offers a culmination point around health and work routines. Highlighting surprising ways to make positive changes.


Mercury’s retrograde of your philosophies and belief’s sector helps re-establish connection to core beliefs, teachings and lessons.  Other influences in this area, indicate some form of courses or education, can really boost your skills set and confidence. The full moon on 27February in your family and home sector, offers innovations. Making the home more dynamic and stimulating or sees yourself or family members embracing their individuality.


February sees a strong focus on your external resources, with re-evaluating and restructuring part of the process. New modes and methods are being constructed, so investigate all options. Mars adds a potential volatile element to your social groups and networks, so be mindful of any bull in china shops action as it might pop up. The full moon on 27 February adds a surprise or boost from your local surroundings.


The unusual amount of energy in your relationship sector, points to the advantages of tending and nurturing allyour one-on-one relationships, regardless of what part of your life they inhabit. Building, assessing, reviewing, nurturing, expanding and integrating allthese relationships is key to your success this month and beyond. The Virgo full moon in your financial sector, offers resolution or an ability to see with more clarity, how best to enhance finances and/or self-value. 


February offers strong assessments and modifications to your health and work sector, with such breakthroughs having a lasting impact. Mars motivates and gives momentum for any potential study or education you seek out or start. The full moon on 27 February is the culmination point for individuation and setting yourself apart from others.


February sees a strong focus on your children and/or creativity and your engagement with both topics. Reflecting and re-establishing frameworks and structures; alongside your dreams and ambitions occurs simultaneously. Mars motivates you to deal with external resources and how you manage them, while the full moon on 27 February offers some surprising insights, to things that have been away from view.


February has an unusually large amount of energy in your home and family sector. The last time this much energy was in this era of life, was 1962. Re-assessments, re-structuring and evaluation will all be part of this process. Upgrading your relationships to home and family allows for a stronger base to connect from. The full moon on 27 February offers some pleasing and surprising connection to your social networks, helping to distract from the busy home life upgrades.


Your local surroundings and neighbourhood have a real zing this month, thanks to the planetary energy surrounding it. Focusing around rituals around the home could be of real benefit and joy. The full moon highlights your social networks and community allowing you to see the support they offer. Showing your appreciation has its own special rewards.  Mars also, gets to task in motivating your routines, with extra strength to tasks with a Venusian quality. 


For the first time since 1962, your financial sector receives unusually strong planetary influence. Some of it is re-assessment and restructuring and the rest of it is evaluation and vision planning. February provides opportunity for strong groundwork for finances. Mars in your creative sector offers motivation for enjoying the things you find creatively stimulating, especially any Venusian style projects.


The energetic focus of February is very much on you. Not since 1962, has there been such a strong line up of planets in Aquarius. The opportunity to develop your identity, your health and your beliefs is strongly supported. Helping to move you towards the life you always dreamed for yourself and providing strong inspiration. February is a month of decisive insights and opportunity.


Your subconscious sector is the planetary focus of February. Helping to resolve or untangle things that might be holding you back or addressing things you don’t have a handle on. Opportunity to explore and find resolution is abundant in February. Mars helps with motivation for any redecoration or renovations around the home, giving strength the any Venusian modifications. The full moon highlights close friendships the joy they bring.