Robert Fludd, The Sun Breathing Life into the Cosmos, 1626


4 March – 24 April 2021 AEDT

Today Mars enters Gemini, after an elongated transit of Taurus; the sign of Mars detriment.  Mars entered Taurus, at the moment “That Bull Guy” image; symbolic to the Capital Hill riots was blazoned across the world media. Having this transit line up with such a striking image after such an epic retrograde phase in 2020, was something that only emphasised the potential trickiness of this Mars in Taurus phase, we are now exiting.  Longer than usual, it’s been a tough slog from early January until now. Things have been slower than usual to get up and running along with a resistance to big energetic pushes, or things just required way more motivation than usual. Slow and steady took over from big pushes, which essentially impeded Mars ability to do anything really constructive, as Mars likes fast rigorous action. 

Today with Mars shifting into Gemini, Mars is in a much better space to be able to use his skills and dynamism.  Gemini is a much more dynamic and changeable sign in comparison to the fixed earth of Taurus. Gemini is naturally more aligned to Mars nature and curiosities.  This stimulation of Mars allows for more momentum, traction and progress after a tedious transit of Taurus and retrograde phase in 2020. In short, Mars in Gemini will give strength and vigour to the mind.

Also, at the time of this ingress of Mars into Gemini, Mercury will be conjoining Jupiter for its final conjunction to Mercury in Aquarius. The Ruler of this Mars transit is blessed with the final integration of this three-hit conjunction of Mercury / Jupiter. Having Mercury / Jupiter meet for the third time, allows for information, a way forward, a new plan, new optimism or a new path forwards after a difficult or confusing January / February 2021. 

Having Mercury leave the final stages of its retrograde, along with its connection with Jupiter is extremely helpful and positive for Mars as he enters Gemini. Finally after 12 months we have a Mars making for more positive aspects to Saturn in-particular, allowing for more supportive Mars. Something that has been missing over the last 12 months, as the wrecking ball of Covid 19 began to hit our lives.

Today marks, what potentially we were seeking when we started 2021, by offering us a clearer path forwards, providing the energy and motivation after a difficult and frustrating first two months of the Year. Today we begin to see a more positive Mars influence, which has been missing from our lives over the past 12 months, as Mars begins to set a new pace and a new tone, which is now informed and guided by Jupiter’s influence on Mercury.  Today Mars, gets some of his spunk and swagger back. xx


Eartha Kitt by Carl Van Vechten 1952


13 March delivers a dreamy and harmonious New Moon in your Soul Sector. A sublime opportunity to delve into your dreams and imagination. The 30thFull Moon is healing allowing breakthroughs and rebalancing of relationships, as the Sun conjoins Chiron. By mid-month, Mercury finishes its process of problem solving any issues or dialogues in your community or networks.


Mars moving into your financial sectors can go to two ways. It can either speed up the spending of your cash or it offers motivation to develop new paths of income and self-worth. Watch frivolous spending. The New Moon in your community sector has dream-like or transcendent quality. Deep and undefinable connections can be created at this time, go with it.


Mars moves into Gemini mid-month; this motivates and energizes. Mars only visits every 2 years so now is the perfect time to stimulate the intellect or get out there and connect. The New Moon in your career sector allows for strong creativity and imagination. A great time to visualize creative endvours.  Just be mindful as the rose tinted glasses are also strong at this time, creativity and delusion is a fine line to navigate.


13 March’s New Moon is great time to discover a new course with a creativity or transcendence quality; thanks to Venus and Neptune conjoining the New Moon. The full moon (30 March) offers healing around career and reputation as the Sun conjoins Chiron, providing rebalancing of relationships, which assists in healing old wounds.


The New Moon in your financial sector so close to Neptune and Venus, is an opportunity for new visions or re-imagining this area of your life. Be mindful of what you sign up to this month, especially if it involves loans, debts or external resources. Anything too good to be true, probably is. More research is required. Mars moving into your Community and Social Networks motivates you to get out and socialise, whist stimulating the intellect, or see’s you seek out strong minds, to socialize with.


Your relationship sector gets a mystification make-over, with the New Moon on 13th March, thanks to Neptune and Venus. This makes you attractive to, or attracting those with strong creative, mystical or dreamlike qualities. There could be a “je ne sais quoi” about your relationships at this time. The Full Moon at month’s end offers healing and greater understanding around your finances and self-worth, thanks to Chiron and the Sun in aspect.


Mars, transiting your belief’s sector helps you cut through any self-limiting beliefs of yourself or others. Mars is helping shift the stagnation, stirring up new ideas/motivation around travel, foreign places and education.  The Full Moon in your sign, end of the month is your personal rest and helps the healing of any issues around independence within relationships or asserting your authority within relations. 


March is a wonderful month to delve into your creativity or things you truly love doing. Hobbies and activities you enjoy have an extra potent effect with Neptune and Venus bringing out all the pleasure factors.  The new moon is perfect for a flirt and date night. The final integration of any issues around family or home occur after a flurry of activity in February.


The New Moon 13 March is the perfect time to connect with and get creative around your home or with family. Creating opportunities to transcend issues for a deeper connection. Mars in your relationship sector, attracts strong minds with the potential for hostile people as Mars can bring assertiveness. The Full Moon by months end helps rebalance connections to local communities or networks; smoothing things over. 


Mars traversing your daily routines and problem-solving sector offers a productive outlet for his energy. Let Mars cut through that to do list, creating some genius innovations of your daily routine. Experience’s within your local neighbourhood, might be a little more surreal than usual; thanks to Venus and Neptune blurring the edges of your normal realities. The Full moon of 30 March illuminates a rebalancing of your career and reputation.


13 March has a New Moon in your financial sector; Venus and Neptune may give a rose-tinted effect to the realities of your financial situation. Caution is advised around any financial risks that might be ‘too good to be true’.  Indulging in activities you truly love, offers space to hatch your next genius idea or plan. Allowing yourself the space to dream, helps seed the inspirations of February.


The New Moon with Venus and Neptune next to it, makes for a dreamy and authentic Piscean experience. Perfect for reconnecting to yourself and what you truly hold dear, pencil 13 March as your night. Mars moving into your Home and Family sector, might stir up some bickering or can help motivate you to getting around to fixing anything that needs repair or upgrading.