Astrology is the analysis of repeated planetary cycles through history and time. By looking at planetary movements and alignments, we can bring about a greater awareness of ourselves and the environment we live in and fine-tune this relationship. Astrology with its timing techniques, offers an uncanny ability to identify more optimal times for life’s planned events. It also shows us what may have triggered unexpected or unforeseen events. All of this combines and assists in getting to know more intimate and accurate picture of ourselves and our lives.

I am a Melbourne based consulting astrologer originally from Aotearoa / New Zealand, working with both traditional and modern astrological techniques.  I work from the belief that astrology is a dynamic art, offering incredible insights. It is via the information offered by the birth-chart, that are able to see most clearly an individual’s life and talents. Astrology enables us to engage with a new consciousness and awareness to our individual lives, by offering the most honest and complete picture of ourselves.

We are not just a sun sign, far from it. We are the walking breathing manifestation of all our birth-chart’s components and it’s my greatest pleasure to be able to relay this story from the chart to you, as well as answer any questions or concerns. 

My monthly astrology is currently featured in Gold Coast based publication ‘Get It Magazine‘, both print and digitally. My work can also be found on Instagram @luminary_astro and on Facebook ‘Luminary Astrology’.

I am available for readings, including natal (your birth-chart), transit readings (how the current astrology impacts your chart), children’s chart. Please refer to the ‘Services & Offerings’ section for more information.

Sun: Capricorn|Moon: Cancer|Ascendant: Leo 


After 12 years of self-directed study I am in the final stages of completing my 2nd year of formal Astrological study under the direction of American astrologer Austin Coppock whose work includes monthly appearances on ‘The Astrology Podcast’ and publication of two books ’36 Faces : The History of Astrology, Magic and the Decans’ & ‘The Celestial Art’. Workshop highlights include, working with Steven Forrest (who I was lucky enough to have my chart read by for the workshop) and Lee Lehman. Other formal study included study with Melbourne based astrologer Christine Rothwell and tarot diviner / astrologer and Witch extraordinaire Natta Jain.


Astrology has been with me since childhood, with my first recollection like many being when I found a copy of Linda Goodman’s book “Sun Sign Astrology’, in the bookshelf at home. Barely able to read it as a young independent Capricorn, it really struck a chord and impression that never left.  Every summer holiday since my early teens, the anticipation for the yearly forecasts in the magazines and newspapers (pre internet) to see how the year was going to unfold, was the anchor to my year. This grew into finding astrologers through word of mouth, leading to so many lost cassette tapes of readings done in witchy backrooms in Auckland.

By the mid 2000s, I started engaging with astrology actively. Attending monthly astrology meetings at small community centres, as decent astrology online was limited. Much of this lecture content went over my head, but it was so exciting to find my tribe and learn a new language despite the large age difference. My friend Kasia and I were regularly the youngest people there by 40 years. 

My move to Melbourne 10 years ago gave me greater access to teachers and workshops, connecting me to a bigger astrological community and resources. I was surrounded by opportunities to learn and engage more actively with astrology and I just dived right in.

My day job is to help tell stories via the film and television industry. I love telling stories and fell into it thanks to my interests and attempts to find authenticity and unique voices to things, along with my love of communication. It is through astrology, I have come to realise, that the most interesting stories lay. The untold story of the individual. The story of how and where the individual and their chart overlay and intersect with life is endlessly fascinating and informative. It is an honour as an astrologer to both interpret and discuss this with someone during a reading.

It is at this point that I ended up here, offering my services, to help begin or expand your journey in discovering more about oneself. The experience of how your chart intersects with your and your daily experience is your life map. Your birth chart is constantly alive and through you trying to manifest by your experiences and opportunities.

Understanding your birth-chart is the first step to see the deeper cycles and repetitions, which in turn helps one engage with the relationship between oneself and the world.  


  • Brought a new consciousness and awareness to life.
  • Guided me in times of darkness, joy and opportunity.
  • Explained elements of myself that I found difficult to explain or engage with.
  • Shown me the great assets and talents I can take advantage of.
  • Brought about confidence and a more connected understanding of myself.
  • Given great context to events that I found unexplainable as well as other life events.
  • A wonderful system to help time routines and rituals for maximum alignment.
  • Helping ALL forms of divination as a timing technique.
  • Helped let go of things.
  • Helped tell my story.
  • Nourished my soul with endless learning.
  • Connected and brought many wonderful people into my life.
  • Changed how I engage with the world.
  • Told me many great stories and tales.  

Image: Gabriel Gregan @gabgregan