Natal Reading

I’m new to Astrology and would love to get to know my birth-chart.

Discover your birth chart, perfect as an introduction to astrology and your unique natal chart. We will focus on your strengths, and where this energy shows up in your life.

$120 / 60 mins

Natal & Transit

“I would like to go over my birth chart and also talk about what are the main ‘transits’ that are hitting my planets”

Take a deeper dive into your birth-chart, look at some of the notable transits coming up, and discover what is interacting with your birth chart right now.

$150 / 90 mins


Quick Transit Scan

“Help ! Something’s going on, what the hell is it ?”

Take a quick look at your birth chart to see the most immediate transits that are affecting you now.

$70/ 30 mins

Yearly Astrological Forecast

“I am familiar with my birth chart, but would like to have a more concentrated look at what the next year’s astro weather will bring”

Take a well-rounded look into the year ahead & discover how the planets will directly impact you.

$120 / 60 Mins

Your transits will be considered using these techniques Annual profections, transits, secondary progressions,  zodical releasing and solar returns.



Written booklet, which includes the birth chart along with planetary placements and highlighted areas of activities in the little ones chart.


This is a more simplified version of a natal chart. Emphasis is focused on where the energy is concentrated and contact each other. No assumed outcomes as children are their own beings and have their own agency to make their own choices as they grow up. Great as a reference to refer back to, but not created to be definitive or exhaustive.


“I would like to get to know the dynamics of my partner and I’s charts to see where the magic and tension’s lay”

Looking at the the relationship dynamic of a couple, via their birth charts and their synastry. Perfect for looking at where harmony and challenges may lay.

Available on request.


“I am getting married/ have a big event and I would like to select a date and time that gives it some extras celestial impact for strong manifestation”

Where you elect certain times for launches / big projects i.e.: weddings, launches or important events in your life

Available on Request


The Gift of Astrology

Please free free to contact me to see what astrological gift might work best for your friend or loved one.

***IF dealing with financial hardship or are a student please feel free to enquire so we can arrange to make these services accessible for you.

**all rates are inclusive of pre consult chart preparation and any post consult follow ups


DISCLAIMER: Astrology is not a Psychic service. Astrology identifies periods of great activity, lulls and volatility, along with analysis of an individual and life focuses.   Astrology is the road map, using timing techniques as its main tools. Astrology is not a replacement for any form of professional medical advice either physical or psychological. Please always go to a medical or psychological specialist, for such concerns, they are trained and ready to help.

Main image & form header image: Gabriel Gregan @gabgregan

Yearly forecast image: Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, il sole (il sole nascente), 1904

Natal and Transit image:  Baron Frédéric de Portal’s ‘An Essay on Symbolic Colours’, 1845

Astrology Gift Voucher image: Frederic Edwin Church, Sunset, 1855-65

Electional Astrology image : Rockwell Kent, Moonlight in the Adirondacks, c. 1960