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Mercury Direct at 26 ° of Taurus: 5th JUNE AEST

Full Moon at 23° Sagittarius : 14th JUNE AEST

New Moon at 7° Cancer: 29th JUNE AEST


June is a powerful month after an erratic May, Mercury is finally direct, helping get your finances back on track. June’s full moon, is for the first time in 18 months is not affected by eclipses, meaning you have an evolved reconnection to travel and personal philosophy. The New Moon anchors new beginnings in the home and family sector.


You feel more empowered with Mercury, now moving direct; you’re able to gain clarity around personal power and increased self-worth. June’s full moon in your shared resource sector evolves your connection to external resources, starting a new 18 years cycle. This month’s new moon gives deeper connection local surroundings and siblings.


June is a month where you make connections at a deep, personal level. Mercury going direct after its retrograde cycle offers insights in how to be your best self and empowered. This month’s full moon occurs in your relationship sector, after 18 months of eclipses, June activates a new 18 years cycle in personal relationships. The new moon delivers messaging around income and self-worth.


Reconnecting to your social sector and your desires to engage has been evolving due to Mercury’s retrograde, integrating these lesson’s is empowering. The full moon boost’s your daily routines and wellness sector amplifying any modifications after 18 months of eclipses in this sector. June’s new moon is in Cancer, it’s your yearly reset, offering up a fresh commitment to yourself for the next 6 months.


Mercury finishing its retrograde cycle helps clarify issues around career and social networks after a tricky May; allowing a smarter and more empowered you.  June’s full moon in your pleasure and joy sector, evolves your relationship to such topics. It’s the first time in 18 months that eclipses are no longer cleansing this sector. The new moon in Cancer makes any retreat or isolation experience offers deep insights.


Mercury is now direct in June after retrograding in your career and communication sector. New intel is empowering and strengthens your next move in career or reputation. The full moon is a reset in your family and home sector, after 18 months of eclipses challenging this sector. A fresh cycle blooms. The new moon in your social sector brings harmony and friends who are like family to the forefront.


Mercury direct offers adjustments to your shared resources and motivations, as we resettle after May’s retrograde. The full moon lights up your local surroundings, beginning a new 18 years cycle thanks to the eclipses moving out of this sector, creating new stability. June’s new moon in your career sector offers up compassion and a feeling of support as you dive into new adventures.


Communications around shared resources and relationships is clearer thanks to Mercury no longer being retrograde. The full moon offers up a new 18 years cycle around work and income, as the eclipses are no longer pushing for change, beginning a new era, helping to empower you. The new moon offers altered philosophies on life with the potential for travel in 6 months.


June offers clearer understanding around your relationships and your daily routines. Mercury is now direct after being retrograde making May confusing. The full moon in Sagittarius is your full moon, empowering you and revitalizing your health and how your seen. It’s the first non-eclipsed full moon for you in 18 months, which was pushing you to evolve physically. June’s new moon is perfect to escape, recharge and nourish yourself.


Mercury is direct after May’s retrograde, you gain clarity and are empowered by balancing your pleasure pursuits and daily routines, making space and time for both. The full moon in your spiritual sector is the first time in 18 months that eclipses were not pushing for change. A new 18 years cycle offers a solid foundation for spirituality to flourish. The new moon in your relationship sector seeds new connections which blossom over the next 6 months.


June offers better balance between home and passion projects thanks to Mercury’s direct phase offering problem-solving genius.  The full moon in your social sector brings connection with social or community groups which have evolved the past 18 months due the eclipses pushing for change. This full moon begins a new phase. The new moon in your health and wellness sector reconnects you to any routines that have been put to the wayside.


Having Mercury no longer causing a stir in your home and local neighbourhood sectors, helps make June a smoother month than May. The full moon in your career sector is the first time in 18 months that the eclipses haven’t been adding complications or pushing for change in this area of life, offering a clearer path forward. The new moon in your passion and creativity sector helps seed now ventures which flourish over the next 6 months.


Salvador Dali & Brigitte Bardot


On December 29th Jupiter ingresses into Pisces, marking Jupiter’s return to his ruling sign after a very short toe dip into Pisces from 14 May – 28 July 2021. 2021 was a small taste of Jupiter’s influence and favour; his retrograde back into Aquarius for the rest of the year delayed this transit getting any real progress past the 2 degree’s point. Jupiter, last transited Pisces from 19 Jan 2010 -7 June 2010 & 10 Sep -23 Jan 2011. Looking back to what made that timeframe unique helps to inform how this transit might manifest.

Like all astrology, these transits are cycles of time that have certain tones and themes that help define or bookend life under there cycles of times. Jupiter when transiting Pisces is a strong and defining cycle thanks to Jupiter being in his rulership in Pisces. Jupiter gets to do all the things he likes doing, under his terms. A wonderful change from the past two years where Jupiter was under the rulership and in the domain of Saturn and all his rules and restrictions.  The last time Jupiter was in his rulership was 2019 during his transit of Sagittarius, Zeus’ other ruling sign. 2019 wasn’t too bad a year from most accounts.

Jupiter embodies hope, vision, expansion, optimism, belief’s, truth, morals, justice, travel, righteousness, lessons, teachers, philosophies to name a few. Jupiter looks out far and wide to navigate and seek truth and wisdom for the ‘betterment’ of people and humanity. Jupiter is enthusiastic and always seeks truth. Jupiter can have its downfalls for example there is a tendency to over-do it or only see the positives; however, as the greater benefic Jupiter gets a pretty good wrap in Astrology, when he is in his ruling sign, Jupiter excels.

Pisces is a mutable water sign noted for its depth and ability to adjust and evolve. Pisces is an extremely intuitive sign with an energetic quality which is both transcendent and encompassing. Pisces meets Jupiter in its ‘bigness’ but not all of Piscean energy can be seen or rationally explained. Pisces energy likes to encompass the all. Artistic expression and artistry are also dynamic Piscean qualities.

When Jupiter and Pisces meet, we get to submerge and bath in its waters as we attempt to find or create wholeness in a what feels like the most fractured of times and situations. Will the dams burst open ? Will all the pent-up water or emotion begin to flow during this transit? Perhaps. This transit is great for compassion and creativity as we work through the fall out of the past two years. Jupiter while in Pisces helps to smooth over some of the rough edges and carve out a space for compassion allowing to connect more deeply to the area of life that Pisces lords over in your chart.

Neptune is co-present with Jupiter in Pisces during this transit, in April it will be making some powerful aspects which heightens sensitives and creativity but also has the potential to dive too deep into escapism and delusion. A separate post to come on this topic however it’s good to be aware of April’s potential for the above themes and topics.

This aspect will be one of the highlights of 2022’s astrological calendar but it will not be working alone. Saturn will still be in Aquarius (also in its rulership) working to a different end in other aspects of astrological landscapes and Mars will also be strong during this Jupiter transit. Where some aspects of your life will feel feed and nourished. Other areas will require you to do the work or will require focus and work hard. These energies will work simultaneously.

Jupiter’s transit of Pisces will be a nice softening and breaking up of the more difficult transits we are coming out of, but it won’t be the only thing at play during 2022. Harnessing and indulging into where Jupiter offers you lesson’s, compassion, transcendence and an opportunity to expand both in optimism and intuition; will be a good thing after two years of rigid contraction and repression. Allowing us to tap into the reservoirs of our soul for regeneration and rejuvenation rather than just for survival.


ARIES / ARIES RISING : Unconscious & Soul Sector, Retreat and Spirituality

TAURUS / TAURUS RISING: Community, Social Networks or Groups, Hopes and Wishes

GEMINI / GEMINI RISING: Career, Reputation, Rewards & Recognition

CANCER / CANCER RISING: Travel, Beliefs, Mass Media, Communication

LEO / LEO RISING: Shared Resources & Assets, Loans, Psyche, Occult

VIRGO / VIRGO RISING: One on One Relationships both Personal and Business

LIBRA / LIBRA RISING: Health, Well-Being, Day to Day Work and Routines.

SCORPIO / SCORPIO RISING: Passion, True Love, Hobbies, Pleasure

SAGITTARIUS / SAGITTARIUS RISING: Home, House, Family, Ancestors

CAPRICORN / CAPRICORN RISING: Local Surroundings & Neighbourhood, The Goddess and Rituals, Daily Scheduling.

AQUARIUS / AQUARIUS RISING: Earned Income, Self-worth, Possessions

PISCES / PISCES RISING: Individuation, Health and How you present to the world.