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6 Feb 2023 @ 5:28 am Melbourne time


20 Feb 2023 @ 6:05 pm Melbourne time


A Leo full moon in your pleasure and creativity sector highlights how these topics are linked to your feelings of self-worth and value.  Uranus, which is in aspect to this moon offers surprising and empowering insights on February 6th. February 20th is a new moon in your spirit sector, a perfect time for some seclusion, so you can reconnect to your spirit and recharge.


A full moon in your home sector on February 6th has an unpredictable influence due to Uranus; which is in your sign of Taurus, being in strong aspect to the moon. Will you be the wild card at this full moon? A new moon in your social networks on February 20th is the perfect time to reset your feeling or your intentions around your friendship groups, helping to create more harmony and connection.


Having a full moon in your communication sector of your chart may attract bold ideas, people and communications this month, Uranus is in aspect to the full moon making it a kinetic vibe on February 6th. The new moon on February 20th is the perfect time to regroup and seed plans in your career, reputation and reward sector.


The Leo full moon is in your financial sector and its pushes you to be brave and bold in relation to your income and self-worth; Uranus in aspect adds a surprise from your social networks, which might help make these bold new steps a reality. The new moon on February 20th is a reset and recalibration in your communication and belief sector, helping you to align and centre.


February 6th is a Leo full moon which puts you at the centre of the show, having Uranus in aspect from your career and reputation sector will bring a dynamic and kinetic energy to the mix, be ready to be seen or singled out from the rest. The new moon in your resource and subconscious sector on February 20th is about rest and recalibration before your next production. Time to take stock and regroup.


The Leo full moon on February 6th in your subconscious and spirit sector helps to reconcile frustrations and reconnecting to source. Uranus in aspect, it helps to brings innovation and surprises. The new moon on February 20th in your relationship sector allows reconnection to core values in friendship. Re-aligning to public and private relationships brings growth and opportunity.


February 6th is a full moon in Leo highlighting the bolder aspects of your social networks, those who support your hopes and dreams offer their resources, helping you to achieve your goals. A new moon in your pleasure and creative sector on February 20th will seed new ideas and ventures that nourish and feed your creativity.


A bold full moon in your career and reputation sector shines bright on February 6th, Uranus will aspect this moon from your partnership sector which might bring unexpected praise or attention to from your closest allies. February 20th is a softer and more harmonious new moon in your pleasure and creativity sector, offering new growth and alignment of any creativity pursuits.


An unexpected encounter or scenario in your day to day might illuminate some bold beliefs or conversations thanks to Uranus being in aspect to the full moon in Leo on February 6th. Its affects might make for strong ideas to be shared, initiated by day to day experiences. A more relaxed and harmonious new moon on February 20th is perfect for rest and respite in the home sector, make time for quite time with family or at home.


The full moon in your financial sector on February 6th  allows you to see where bold and brave moves need to be taken regarding income or self-worth. Surprising or innovative changes to your daily routines help in making these bold changes a reality. A new moon in your communication sector is the perfect time to have a deep dive into your feelings and emotions so your more in touch with yourself on February 20th


Your relationship sector is activated with a full moon in Leo on February 6th making it clearer who your allies truly are. Uranus in aspect from your home and family sector might present some unexpected surprises at this full moon.  A new moon on February 20th is the perfect time to seed your intentions around self-worth and your income.


The full moon on February 6th is in your health and wellness sector, be brave and bold with any new insights or commitments to your wellbeing. Uranus is in aspect and might provide unexpected solutions to any wellbeing issues your local surroundings and community. A new moon in Pisces on February 20th is the perfect time to check back in with yourself and see where and what needs to change so you can be your most honest and true version of yourself.


Image : Elina Kechicheva for Dior 

FULL MOON IN LEO : 29 January AEDT @6:15am

The Full Moon in Leo,  brings to the spotlight the Aquarius / Leo axis. The polarity of the group and the individual, the performer/performance and the audience and leadership and community. 

The Sun (and the ruler of this full moon), offers adulation and support; reflecting the receptiveness of your creations, ambition and leadership qualities at such time.  The Moon’s fullness, in Leo, helps to receive this adoration and embodying it, at the very least, allowing you to to be able to see it, in some shape or form. This lunation allows you to see the power of the reception to the work you do. It also shows the importance of creativity and brave leadership.

The only curveball to manage, is that this full moon is hooking into the Uranus Mars energy, via T-square. This brings in an unknown quantum to this full moon, meaning the previously mentioned, may come from unexpected places or areas that you don’t initially expect. Or at a time, that you don’t feel ready to shine your light.

Also occurring at the time of this Full Moon, is the Sun-Jupiter cazimi. Jupiter is considered the great beneifc in astrology, and a planet considered lucky, optimistic, wise, well educated, which attracts opportunity. The Sun and Jupiter exactly conjoining at this Full Moon, is a strong force, in addition to the lunation. Jupiter is sending the message of hope or optimism, in whatever mountains your currently climbing.

When the Sun and Jupiter exactly join, their energy is fused and the Sun’s strength, creates a rebirthing of Jupiter, through the great fires of the Sun. This cazimi, begins a new synodic or transit cycle for Jupiter. Old experiences and lessons are burnt away, and new opportunities and lessons are able to be forged or created. A new Jupiter is being born within this lunation.

The third major aspect at this full moon, occurs in the sign next to, or in aversion to this busy Leo / Aquarius axis. Venus and Pluto conjoining today, in Capricorn. Venus Pluto create a difficult combo, realisations around controlling relationships and power dynamics might be difficult to un-see, at this time. This occurs in addition to the above, which essentially allows for greater ease to see where you may have been bound or obsesses with something, that affects your ability to progress up the ladder or enjoy life.

All of the above combining to make a busy and active Full Moon in Leo, expect the unexpected and don’t be surprised if the Pluto Venus aspect, throws some deep undertow, to what on the surface is quite lovely and expansive. All this occurs the day before Mercury stations retrograde, also in Aquarius. Meaning the above might be something we mull over for at least the next 2 – 3 weeks.

Its both confronting and surprising, this Full Moon in Leo, however, leaning into the fundamentals of the Leo / Aquarius axis outlined in the first two paragraphs, can assist greatly, in your navigation of this Full Moon.