Lee Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight

The signature astrological aspect of 2021 is the Saturn / Uranus Square, which aspects three times, over the next 12 months.  These squares (more challenging aspects) are the base notes which weaving through 2021 astrologically speaking. It’s first exact square occurs 17/18thFebruary.

Saturn is currently in Aquarius, its domicile or home sign, where is will stay until March 2023. Saturn can be seen as conservatism, tradition, restraint, restriction, stripping back, structure, establishment, governance and control. In Aquarius, Saturn is less tyrannical and autocratic than when it transited its other ruling sign of Capricorn. Aquarius is a humanistic sign with more focus on equality for the collective, people or society as whole. Saturn in Aquarius is more about making rules and structures that benefit people as a whole, whereas Saturn in Capricorn, was more about one person imposing their will on to others.

Uranus on the other hand is in Taurus, this combo isn’t as comfortable or isn’t as naturally aligned as Saturn is in Aquarius. Uranus is often referred to as ‘The Great Awakener’ in Astrology, as Richard Tarnas describes, Uranus as the great disrupter or the Promethean influence in our cultural landscape. 

Prometheus gave the fire of the gods, to us mortals on earth and pays a heavy toll for this sacred gift to man. Uranus represents, independence, revolution, change, invention, awakening, rebellion, individuation and autonomy. In the fixed Earth sign of Taurus, Uranus has a more challenging time gaining momentum as well as putting its influence into Taurean topics i.e.: food resources, personal values, money, beauty etc.

When Saturn and Uranus aspect each other, they are unique bedfellows which manifest in surprising ways, thanks to the Uranian influence. Fast moving innovations occur to things that are often seen as established or unlikely to change. This current Saturn/Uranus cycle began in 1988 and its effects can be seen with the breaking up of the USSR and the ending of the Cold War. Local revolutions occurred around Eastern European seeing independence and autonomy for countries who were governed by a centralised power. Within 18 months of the Saturn Uranus conjunction of 1988, the Berlin Wall was being torn down. Revolt against establishment, is very much a Saturn / Uranus thing

We have had our first taste of this upcoming square April to May 2020. Although they didn’t make the exact square, we did see the waves and stirrings of these two planets. Europe and China in-particular were in the midst of covid lockdowns, the government’s forced restrictions (Saturn) limiting its citizens liberty’s and freedoms (Uranus). North America saw mass protests and the awakening of its black lives matter movement. Revolting against the institutions racism and in-equality within its systems. Currently we have the Farmers protests in India, Russia’s recent mass protests in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, where they ran out of jail space to hold protesters; as well as China’s increasing controls over Hong Kong’s citizens. The latest twist/example of this upcoming square can be seen with the reddit rebellion of the hedge funders and the Game Stop stock surge. It’s VERY Uranus in Taurus (Taurus doesrepresent money and wealth). As of writing this, the Game Stop situation is heading to a federal court (Saturn). Watch this space. 

These Uranian themes of protest and resistance kept its momentum as these two planets separated, and now we find ourselves with these two powerful planets coming into aspect again. They are about to make their first degree based square, which begins the last phase of the 1988 cycle. Many of the previously mentioned protests are still active with much support and traction. 

Like all transits, there is a macro and micro affect, what occurs externally on a mundane level, may not impact you directly, but the echoes of its sentiment and directives will be either occurring to you or within you. These occur in the aspects of your life, that Aquarius and Taurus are placed within your birth-chart. Remembering that challenges doesn’t mean not being successful. Challenges are to be overcome, and Uranus has been known to deliver surprise gifts, to help its cause. 

How does this manifest in your personal life? Look to where Saturn is seeking greater control or structure in the Aquarian area of your chart. Also look to where Uranus might challenge or encourage greater individuation or autonomy in your life, as a start point in understanding how this might affect you specifically. Ask yourself; Where might this ‘Great Awakener’ stir and enliven you? and How might Saturn help by creating boundaries or support structures to allow you to reach for what is being awakened within you?Are you ready to support any opportunities offered at this time?

This begins the final part of the current Saturn Uranus cycle, started in 1988. What it’s wanting to deliver to us become more apparent. Things may become more active or volatile, within or around us or opportunities that offer more autonomy and independence could also arise.

Their square aspect is exact 17/18 February and will have two other exact hits of 15/16 June and 24/25 December 2021. These three conjunctions start the waning cycle, before the next conjunction occurs, evolving this Saturn Uranus relationship with a new cycle, at 27 degrees of Gemini in June 2032. 

Below is a sign by sign breakdown as to where this is occurring in your chart. Areas of life that the Saturn Uranus square lives, from the sun sign setting. 

Please use your rising sign if you know it.

Aries / Aries Rising:  Revolutions in Money, Possessions and Self Worth with challenges or restructuring of your established community and networks.

Taurus / Taurus Rising: Individuation of yourself and how you are seen with challenges from your career, reputation and rewards sector.

Gemini / Gemini Rising: Awakenings in your soul and spirit sector may face challenges from your traditional and learnt belief sector. 

Cancer / Cancer Rising: Revolutionizing your community and social networks allows for restructuring of your external resources and financial sector. 

Leo / Leo Rising: Awakenings in your career, reputation, awards sector with support or challenges from your nearest and dearest.

Virgo / Virgo Rising:  Individuation of your beliefs from traditional teachings may challenge the structures or routines of your daily life.

Libra / Libra Rising: Revolutionising how you use or engage your shared recourses can help remove challenges with restructuring your creativity or relationship with children.

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising: Awakened connect to your home, family or ancestors helps solidify any challenging close relationships with others.

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising: Revolutionising your daily routines allows strong restructuring of your schedule or solidifying your relationship to your local neighbourhood.

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising:  Individuation of your true loves and hobbies can help intersects with your earned income. 

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising:  Awakenings in the home and family sphere solidify your identity showing your strengths and dependability.

Pisces / Pisces Rising:  Awakening your daily rituals and exploring alternative areas of your neighbourhood helps solidifies or challenges your connection to the subconscious and your relationship to isolation and retreat.

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