The main astrological focus of October is Mercury’s retrograde in Libra, which makes aspects to both Pluto and Jupiter. Mercury’s retrograde allows for alternative or unexpected avenues to pop up, deviation from an expected course, along with a time for reflection and reassessments of the area of life, libra rules in chart. Mercury stations retrograde square Pluto in Capricorn which could indicate control or power structure being more active at this time; or perhaps something that has been hidden or suppressed is emerging during the retrograde. Having Jupiter aspected via trine indicates there is a positive lesson or opportunity for strong growth within this retrograde. It becomes apparent as this retrograde unfolds so be ready to meet Jupiter half way.

Mars conjoining the Sun and Mercury on the 10th of October will be a day to watch as Mars agitates behind the scenes adding more confusion and potential anxiousness along with misplaced aggression to October’s astroscapes. Allow a few day either side of this for confusion to sort itself out, but know this is a bit of a triggering day/timeframe.

October 20th is when Mercury goes direct in Libra, however it doesn’t clear its shadow period until early November. From October 20th is when we might see or feel resolution or gain the new found knowledge around that which was stirred up. Mercury’s station direct phase, helps to clarify by providing solutions to any problems that might have surfaced as the month unfolded. The presence of Pluto and Jupiter in this cycle shows there is depth and gravatas to what unfolds and is unearthed. Enjoy xx


Mercury retrograde’s in your relationship sector signals a time of communication mix-ups, re-evaluation of relationships or unexpected dynamics coming into play; with outcomes becoming clear in November. The new moon October 6th might raise irritability thanks to Mars conjoining it. The full moon October 21st with Pluto aspecting helps to make the necessary adjustments, to rebalance relationships and evening out any power dynamics.


Your health and wellbeing sector is undergoing some changes thanks to Mercury’s retrograde, think of it as an operating system upgrade. The new moon October 6 might see you a little more run down than usual thanks to Mars’ agitating influence, the full moon October 21 offers opportunities for insight and the evolution of your personal philosophies.


Your creative and self-expression sector is having a bit of a facelift. The planetary focus is on acknowledging your creativity and re-evaluating how to develop it. The new moon October 6 drives you to start fresh project, the full moon October 21 offers helpful insights on how your gifts will be received or enjoyed.


Alternative roads are opening up in your home and family sector as you re-assess and re-evaluate where and what you call home, thanks to Mercury’s retrograde. The new moon October 6 has a tricky Mars influence which causes frustration, it will pass by month’s end. The full moon October 21 sees your private and public personas transform thanks to Pluto evolutionary influence.


Day to day activities in your local community might see the confusing influence of Mercury’s retrograde as detours or unexpected delays create some frustration as you go about your usual business. Mars’ involvement with the new moon October 6 makes neighbours a bit irritable, the full moon October 21 helps with broadening your perspective and making everyday things more magical.


Your money sector is activated this month with Mercury’s retrograde helping you to re-assess the ways you generate income and what you use it for. The new moon October 6 helps with resetting spending habits, the full moon October 21 illuminates the ways in which other people’s resources are now accessible to you, helping any new goals or ambitions.


October offers the opportunity to rebalance your identity within relationships both personal and work related. Mercury’s retrograde offers new perspectives and insights. The new moon October 6 offers the gentle push required to make your desires manifest. By the full moon October 21, the evolution of these relationships becomes apparent, helping you find better balance.


October is a month to explore your depths, Mercury’s retrograde in your subconscious sector opens new roads or pathways that broaden your understanding of yourself or others. The new moon October 6 starts a new cycle of deep personal exploration. The full moon October 21 helps to integrate this new information into your everyday life.


Your community and social networks might be in a strange spin this month, thanks to Mercury whose retrograde hijinks create confusion and cross communication. The new moon October 6 with Mars in aspect might see tensions rise in your social sector, the full moon October 21 helps transform your place within your community by helping people their common ground.


The career, reward and reputation sector of your chart sees you re-evaluate or take unexpected paths towards career goals or finding new ways to be recognized. The new moon October 6 is a potential catalyst thanks to Mars triggering necessary changes. The full moon helps secure your home base, which in turn supports your evolution.


Mercury helps expand your perception during October, thanks to its retrograde motion in your beliefs sector. New roads open and unexpected avenues appear allowing you to upgrade any outdated belief systems that may be holding you back. The new moon October 6 could offer ways of seeing things in a new light, with the full moon October 21 being when you see these new beliefs being reflected to you in your local environment.


The money sectors of your chart are active this month, with Mercury’s retrograde making you re-evaluate your relationship to external resources and finances. It’s a great time to examine at any loans or borrowings you may have. October 6, the new moon in aspect to Mars might see an unexpected bill or loan called in, be mindful this month on overextending yourself financially. The full moon October 21 is when you see an opportunity to evolve or turn any money problems around to your advantage.

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