Revisions and re-evaluations are helping to strip back to your core values or relationships in your career and reputation sector. February is about integrating these realisations. January’s Venus and Mercury retrogrades, offering space to revise, February allows you to be more in-touch with your own narrative, values and goals.


February is a month of processing the changes and adjustments that were brought up by January’s Venus and Mercury Retrogrades. Your belief and philosophy sector were where these revisions took place. February gives the clarity and motivation to make the changes required so you are living more aligned to your current beliefs and values.


Your shared resource sector is highlighted throughout February thanks to a strong Mars activating this area of life. You are strongly motivated to secure or engage with external financial sources or other resources to achieve goals. Beware of coming across as too aggressive or cutthroat. Jupiter in your career sector does inflate your reputation and confidence; creating opportunities which are beneficial and expansive.


Your relationship sector had some re-evaluation and re-assessment over January thanks to Venus and Mercury’s retrograde in this sector. February is where the desire to accelerate or let go of any relationships that don’t serve you, really takes hold. Mars moving through this sector won’t put up with stale relations or anyone who isn’t supporting your awesome.


Having Mars transit your work and wellness sector helps motivate you this month, after a slow or reflective January. Mars can cause some irritation or pushes you to run the risk of over doing it but in February, Mars in Capricorn, gives us the potential to experience its more positive attributes. Start that new health kick or get out a move that body for both wellness and wellbeing is supported this month.


This February sees you focus on pleasure, creativity and children as Mars’ strengthens these areas of your life. January may have seen some re-evaluations in how you relate and engage with to these topics, by February a clear direction and motivated approach helps to rebuild or reconnect to children or creativity. 


Your home and family sector have strength and is motivated this February, thanks to a strong Mars. Any indecision or unsureness from January’s Venus and Mercury retrogrades is over with and a clear approach on what you want to achieve around your physical home or family commitments is forming this month. Agility and motivation help in getting your home life in order.


Mars your ruler is strong this month which helps motivate you generally. Mars transits through your local neighbourhood / surrounding sector; there might be a desire to get out and amongst your local surroundings either for pleasure or exercise. Having Jupiter in your creativity and pleasure sector also supports, as opportunity and growth strong for this aspect of your chart. Getting out and doing is how you meet it halfway.


Having Mars at peak strength going through your income sector can go two ways, you’re either motivated to go out there and excel at your day job or motivated to find new sources of income or its easier to spend your cash. Be mindful of which way you go in February. Jupiter going through the base of your chart makes family and home places of growth and great source pleasure and optimism.


After a slow start to the year thanks to the Mercury and Venus retrogrades of January, February is when you put your best foot forward with power and assertion, stepping out and put your mark on 2022 with motivation and goal driven direction. Your financial sector finally gets some momentum after a slow January delayed some financial progress.


February is a month where the knots or delays that occurred through January finally start to resolve. Mars moving through your subconscious sector helps to motivate any spiritual / soul centred activities. Your motivation to create good structural bases for spiritual or just basic time out rituals serve you well this month.  Jupiter in your income sector is a nice boost allowing for optimistic outlooks for both yourself worth and earned income.


Your social and community networks are nicely boosted this February, thanks to Mars’ strength in activating your social sector all month. January saw delays and revisions due to Mercury and Venus’ retrogrades which made things quieter and more reflective than usual. February is when social engagements get moving again. Having Jupiter in your sign for the first five months of the year helps in making your natural charms impossible to resist.

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